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Lake County Record-Bee - Letter to the Editor

Water company setting the record straight on service to the county; Clearlake

Highlands Mutual Water Company has been dedicated to serving the community of Clearlake for over 100 years. As the water purveyor for the majority of what is now the City of Clearlake, we have seen the town grow from a few farm homesteads to the blossoming City you see today.  With the long list of developments, the City of Clearlake has on the horizon, we are continually dedicated to ensuring our current customers are adequately serviced and not financially impacted  by these projects.

Highlands Mutual Water Company, Konocti County Water District, Golden State Water, Lower Lake County Water Works and Lake County Fire Protection District work diligently together to identify areas that could benefit from increased fire hydrants and/or water pressure. In the last year Highlands Mutual Water Company has added an additional 19 new fire hydrants to its  distribution system including a raw water hydrant. With all new developments, the appropriate water company and the fire department work closely with developers and contractors to ensure fire suppression is adequately serviced and established consumers are not hindered. These agencies have formed an alliance that works together for the betterment of the community.

While none of the listed water companies service areas overlap, they do however, provide service adjacent to each other within designated service boundaries. These boundaries are clearly defined through engineered mapping and/or LAFCO. Just as the City of Clearlake is very different from the County of Lake, the water companies throughout the area are just as diverse with their business structure, rates, and fees. As water companies we only have one focus and that is to serve our customers for all of their water needs.

Our mission here at Highlands Mutual Water Company is to provide safe, high quality drinking water while accommodating consumer needs with distinguished customer service.

—Highlands Mutual Water Company