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Cancellation of Boil Water Notice - residents of 5645 Old Hwy 53 & 14083 Units 1-6


On 2/28/22 designated residents of at 5645 Old Hwy 53 & 14083 Units 1-6 were notified of the need to boil/disinfect all tap water used for drinking and cooking purposes. 

The State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water in conjunction with the Lake County Health Department, and Highlands Water System has determined that, through abatement of the health hazard and comprehensive testing of the water, your water is safe to drink.  It is no longer necessary to boil your tap water or for you to consume bottled water.

For more information call:

Water Utility contact: Billing Office (707) 994-2393

State Water Resources Control Board: Drinking Water Department (916) 449-5577

Lake County Environmental Health: (707) 263-1164

We thank you for your patience